Building an addition should do more than simply raise square footage.  Your new space should increase the overall comfort and functionality of your home.  Because additions are often the most complex of renovation projects, you will want a professional builder for the job.  Robert Latta and David Kennedy have over 30 years of collective experience as builders and general contractors, including nearly 10 years in the Latta Kennedy Builders partnership.  With this background, we know how to create thoughtful and beautiful  residential additions!  We are dedicated to bringing you solutions that will maximize your enjoyment and use of existing rooms or provide whole new areas designed to a specific purpose.  As builders working primarily in Chester County and Montgomery County, we understand how renovation can affect your building's value, and can guide you in making appropriate choices for your situation.  We are fully versed in all local zoning and permitting requirements, too.  

Latta Kennedy Builders is expert at blending the old with the new, whether you are expanding a historic home and need to preserve the feeling of an 18th century farmhouse throughout, adding on to a traditional or contemporary newer home, or making a dramatic statement with an architectural style not found in the rest of the building.  Our work has included adding:

  • bedrooms, bathrooms, offices or bonus rooms either by building up, out, or in both directions.
  • a second story to a one-story home.
  • large additions to serve as guest suites or in-law quarters.
  • garage additions.
  • sun rooms or three-season rooms.
  • room extensions (including adding to the foundation, roof, or both) to provide extra space in an existing room. This is a great way to add to kitchens, bedrooms and baths.
  • bump-outs (these hang off existing space in a way that does not require foundation work) to turn a pole and rail closet into a walk-in, add room for hutches and china cabinets in a dining room, and other small-space additions.
  • attic conversions (considered additions because dormers are needed).

Recently, we created a spacious kitchen by extending the front and back of a Chester County farmhouse.  The extension provided the modern touches the homeowner needed while keeping the outside profile of the house appropriate to the period. 

We understand the investment your house or other property represents to you.  We also know the intricacies involved in building an addition.  We can assure you that your job will be done with the skill, care, and attention to budget and detail that you deserve.  As a general contractor and builder, Latta Kennedy Builders has an excellent reputation for customer satisfaction.  We initially meet with you to go over the desired project, then send a preliminary plan.  Our thorough and informed estimates combined with detailed planning minimize the risk of overruns and surprises that plague so many construction jobs.  Once we get started, we are with you every step of the way, helping you select materials and make decisions.  Since we are in your home, we strive to contain any disruption to you and your family.  We carefully select our skilled workers not only for their expertise but for their attitude:  respectful, dedicated, and family-friendly.  We stick to set hours so you can predict when we will be in your home.  We use protective measures such as dust sheeting and floor coverings, and we clean up every day – some even say we leave the home cleaner than when we started.  We do not end a project until you are satisfied!

To learn more about what Latta Kennedy Builders can do for you, please contact us.