Custom Cabinetry

It is well known that clutter and disorganization increase stress.  While it is true that custom cabinetry can bring your stress level down by adding storage, the right cabinetry can do much more.  It can extend the functionality of a room; protect your belongings; make office tasks and craft projects more enjoyable; and make getting dressed for work, or the kids ready for school, more efficient.  It can also help you maximize your home space by enabling rooms to 'multi-task'.  For example, built-in custom cabinets with ample storage can make it easy to transition a room from its regular use to another purpose.  As an added bonus, the right custom cabinetry lends beauty and detail to any room.

Latta Kennedy Builders designs, builds, and finishes all types of custom cabinetry for any room and purpose.  We create beautiful pieces that blend with your existing architecture and furnishing style, whether it is rustic, historic, traditional or modern.  Our cabinetry designs can also add a note of contrast if you prefer.  We use computer aided design (CAD) software that allows us to show you realistic renderings of the design before we begin construction.  We also offer fine woodworking, and can create items such as tables, chairs, side tables, beds, and nightstands as free-standing furniture.  

We work with any suitable species of wood from popular choices such as beech, maple, oak and cherry to exotic species, plus cedar for certain uses.  Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) can also be selected for the right application.  Our finishes (stains, paints or varnishes) in any shade are hand-applied to enhance the beauty of the wood, blend with or contrast with furniture or other fixtures of the room, and protect durability.  We use eco-friendly low-emitting glues and finishes for your comfort and safety.

Take a look below to learn some of the ways Latta Kennedy Builders custom cabinetry can enhance your home.

Living and Dining Rooms

Our custom cabinetry really adds warmth, detail and charm to these areas.  We can build mantles and fireplace surrounds to add a look of depth and interest to an otherwise stark feature.  Built-in bookcases, one of our most-requested types of cabinetry, increase your storage while providing a focal point for the room.  Corner hutches and other storage and display areas for fine china and collectibles will help to protect your investments from bumps and other accidents and can be configured to be child-proof if you need that.  Window seats with built-in bookshelves and under-seat storage give you extra seating for guests but may also become your favorite reading nook.  You could also consider adding a custom accent table to a living room.  

Basements or Bonus Rooms

Custom built-ins are often the best way to address rooms that must serve multiple purposes, as they allow you to design and configure cabinetry that supports exactly how you need to use the room.  Do you have a bonus room that operates as a children's playroom during the day and a media screening room at night?  We can build cabinetry with fold-out desk or table units where the kids can play games or work on crafts when they want, but which can be hidden behind doors when not in use.  The same goes for toys and supplies.  And, you can tuck screens and electronics away (and out of harm's way) while the kids play.  Other popular uses of Latta Kennedy Builders custom cabinetry in these rooms are expansive custom wet bars with wine racks, refrigeration, and dishwashers built in; and dedicated wine cabinets for collectors.

Laundry Rooms

Latta Kennedy Builders can enhance your laundry room by building surrounds for washers, dryers and utility sinks, including under-sink storage.  Of course our designs can also add finishing areas for sorting, ironing, folding, and hanging laundry, too.  We ensure that cabinetry created for the laundry area is correctly sized for its function.  This means more than providing shelf space for your detergents, softeners, and dryer sheets:  we take into account the packaging sizes of the products you actually use plus any items which might be wanted near the utility sink when designing the cabinets.  If you feed your pets in the laundry room we can even include food storage bins!


If there is more than one person in your house, you are sure to have some bathroom storage issues.  Disputes over space are common, especially when spouses have to dress for work at the same time, or multiple children need to get ready for school.   If your bathroom storage is not well planned, you may be using your space inefficiently, or even storing bath items in other rooms.  Latta Kennedy Builders custom cabinetry design can address the problem by providing bathroom cabinetry with distinct 'his' and 'hers' or 'mine' and 'yours' sides, including drawers and shelves designed for each person's needs; vanity tops with built-in magnifying mirrors for makeup application; 'hotel' style hangers for hair dryers; additional wall-mounted cabinets for items not in daily use; and more.  We also create functional linen closets with the shelf depths and heights you select, or with movable shelf inserts to allow you to change heights as you need.


Our custom cabinetry for kitchens has included everything from building one or two special pieces such as corner hutches, spice racks and hood covers, to creating complete kitchens with multiple above- and below-counter cabinets, lazy susan-style corner cabinets, wine racks, open shelving and center islands with or without sinks.  We can also create pantry storage for you.  Whether this entails pull-out shelves or a walk-in pantry with cabinets, shelving, and storage bins for staples, we will design custom cabinetry that gives you the most storage possible for your space.


Ineffective, cluttered closets are among the biggest causes of morning stress as you fight to find the right clothing and shoes, whether for yourself or a child.  We design custom cabinetry and fixtures for walk-in and pole-and-rail closets that can make getting ready for the day so much easier.  With the right storage, you can organize items by season, type, style and color.  When building custom cabinetry for your closet, we take your specific needs into account, whether you need more shoe storage and less hanging storage; double or single rails; have garments that require extra height to hang; have accessory storage needs, and more.  We can also create cedar closet inserts for woolens.  Under-bed storage drawers help you maximize space.  If you have a bedroom that doubles as an office, we can design and build custom cabinets that enable you to 'fold' your office away when not in use. 

Garages and Outbuildings

When you think of custom cabinetry, you might not think of using it in garages, barns, sheds, or other outbuildings.  Sometimes these areas demand custom work – your needs cannot always be met by standard drop-in units.  This is especially likely if you are working with historical buildings or buildings that have been converted from one purpose to another.  To address outside cabinetry needs, Latta Kennedy Builders can create custom tack lockers, trophy cases and feed bins for stables; storage units and worktops in springhouses and sheds; tool and parts storage in garages; and poolhouse cabinetry that provides storage for chemicals, equipment, pool toys, rafts and poolside furniture.  Everything we build will be carefully sized and configured for your intended purpose.  We will guide you in selecting material and finishes that can stand up to temperature and moisture variations and add in elements such as rodent-proof liners and spill pans where they are needed. 

Please contact Latta Kennedy Builders to learn more about how custom cabinetry can enhance your home's appeal.