Having the right outdoor structures, with amenities that support both your needs and your 'wants', can truly enhance your property.  For example, great outdoor spaces and appointments let you enjoy the beauty of your home and landscaping from a pleasant venue.  They offer areas to relax and unwind from your hectic schedule, but they also make entertaining guests a breeze.  They encourage your kids to get outdoors, and encourage you to spend time outdoors with them.  They free your driveway from clutter, and support your favorite past-times.

When you think of Latta Kennedy Builders, you might be inclined to think of what we can do for the inside of your home.  We are happy to tell you that we can help you on the outside as well.  As full service builders and contractors working mainly in Chester and Montgomery Counties, we can build, upgrade, or repair just about any outdoor structure found in this area. 

We work on outdoor construction projects of various sizes, from installing driveway post lights to building a new timber frame outbuilding.  Each project receives our full attention and quality-minded focus.  Some examples of what Latta Kennedy Builderscan do for you outdoors:

  • Update your existing deck or build a new deck in pressure treated wood, composite material, or cedar. Possible changes include replacing worn planks, support posts, railings, and railing posts to address safety issues or bring your deck up to current code.  We can also add on to your deck by creating additional levels with staircases and railings or building out, and put in updated lighting and built-in entertainment areas.
  • Create patios of masonry and flagstone or any other natural stone to suit your needs. If you want a seating wall or custom fire pit, we can add those!
  • Spruce up your pool area with a pool house, new decking, and custom-built planters and flower boxes. Your pool house can include our custom cabinetry designed specifically for pool area storage; bathrooms, changing rooms and more. 
  • Construct gazebos (with or without screening), pavilions and pergolas for relaxing or entertaining. Depending on the structure you choose and its intended purpose, we can include plumbing and electrical sources and built-in fireplaces.
  • Add a new timber frame garage either as a free-standing structure or attached to your house. Garages are custom designed to fit in with your existing building(s) and built to the size you need to store and maintain your cars, small boats, or other vehicles.  Custom storage options provide a spot for your tools or offer convenient places to keep outdoor game equipment. 
  • Re-purpose existing outbuildings. We assess the structural integrity of the building and make repairs as needed, then renovate, adding new elements to make it suitable for your current intended use.  
  • Build timber frame barns for any purpose and run-in sheds for pastures.

A few examples of outdoor space construction we have recently done include turning a small stone outbuilding into a home office, and constructing a new garage for a sports-car enthusiast.  We and our polite and family-friendly crew strive for 100% satisfaction and give your outdoor job the same care we would if we were inside your home.  The quality of our work is evident in everything we build.  Often, our clients bring us in for one job but ask for more when they see how we work and what we can do!

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